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Next Wave India is proudly celebrating its 14 years of success with a keen vision in digital media in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Next Wave India fastest growing IT services provider companies which provide Web designing, Web Development, Web Applications, E-Commerce Shopping sites, Portals development, Software solutions, Branding & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Digital Marketing Solutions and Android mobile apps etc.

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Mission & Vission

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the client satisfaction and creativity at lowest and nominal rates.


Our Vision
To be one of the leading companies in the field of website designing, developing and web hosting. We help the customer to advertise them self so that they can get involved more in the market. As per the requirement of the client we give them satisfactory work.We also provide different kinds of templates some for free to download and some payable.



Its too different & unique Recommended IT Designing services

In the competitive market Novel Web Creation offers the best IT services to the client. Our company is using the upgraded technology in the website designing and development. The main aim of the company gives the maximum return with low investment for every industry & company. We are working on every latest technology such as .NET, PHP, JAVA and also involve in the services of mobile application development in I-phone, blackberry, android and windows.

As we know in today's everyone wants highest profit from the business whenever that enterprise small, medium or large. So that Internet Marketing & SEO is the best option for your business. We have great experienced team of SEO that helps you to improve your business. Our Company services always connected with the client need & demand.




What Is Web Technology?

Web technology relates to the interface between web servers and their clients. It includes markup languages, programming interfaces and languages, and standards for document identification and display.

Technologies Used for Web Development, We offer first-rate web solutions using Latest in market web technologies in according to the needs of clients. We help you to boost your business sales and harvest best possible outcomes. Depending upon the nature of client’s website, we make use of Advance scripting languages for development projects. Our company is a web design agency providing our clients with creative websites that offer complete satisfaction and offshore web design.

Some of the languages used by us includes Following


XHTML is a markup language designed to structure information for presentation as web pages. Rather than relying on WYSIWYG programs, we write all our XHTML by hand, ensuring that it is clean, valid and of the highest standard. This means that pages have fastest download times possible, are viewable on all browsers, are search engine friendly, and have maximum forward compatibility.

Cascading Style Sheets – CSS

Cascading Style Sheets control how web pages are displayed in the browser, and allow the separation of presentation from structure and content. CSS help ensure that web pages are presented in an accessible way to all visitors, over a wide range of media.

JavaScript/ECMA Script

JavaScript is a lightweight scripting technology which is used alongside XHTML documents to make websites more interactive.


PHP is a fast, server-side scripting language that is used to create interactive, dynamic web sites. It is particularly well-suited to integrating with a range of databases.


Perl is a programming language that can handle input and output from a Web Server, usually through the Common Gateway Interface. It is most commonly used to process information through forms.


XML is a software and hardware independent markup language designed for describing and transmitting information. It is set to become the most common tool for all data manipulation and data transmission. XSL is a language for defining, transforming and formatting XML documents.


MySQL is a fast, open-source Relational Database Management System that uses the popular Structured Query Language (SQL). It is perfect for most websites that need database functionality, and works hand-in-hand with PHP.


PostgreSQL is a more sophisticated open-source Relational Database Management System. It is well-suited to sites that require robust database functionality, such as e-commerce sites.


Linux is a popular open-source operating system, and Apache is the most widely-used web server on the Internet. Together they provide a fast, extremely reliable, secure platform for web sites.

SSL/Secure Servers

Unlike normal web servers, secure servers ensure that information exchanged between the visitor and the web site cannot be viewed by any third parties. A secure server is essential when handling confidential information, such as online credit card transactions or personal medical details. SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is one method of exchanging data securely.

Database servers For Support

Our specialized Web Development Services include:


We have a wealth of experience in catering for crowds in the thousands. We believe that the CLIENT deserves quality service at affordable prices.

Listed below is the list of clientele we have catered for:

Apna Bazaar Ajmer Anurag Villa Agarwal Properties Ajmera Tours
Amer City Heritage Hotel Arihant Inc Arihant Jewelry ASA Design India
Ayurvedic Remedies Balaji Dham Jaipur Bearin Graces Bhati Tours
Briquette India Beauty Palace Bubber Handicrafts Casa De Plata
Champion Plastic Charak Ayurveda CCB Chittor Dolphin Gems
many more...

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